Achilles’ Four Seasons Challenge 2024

Achilles Mongolia is excited to announce its annual “Achilles Four Seasons Challenge” run. The goal and principles of the run are consistent with the 2023 run. Participants will set new goals, improve their performance, and run longer distances each season. To complete their goals, runners must run a set distance in each season’s challenge and collect and match the stickers for that season’s run:

Winter Challenge

Run 5km in April

Spring Challenge

Run 10km in May

Summer Challenge

Run 15km in June-July

Autumn Challenge

Run 21 km in Aug-Oct

Whether you’re a professional runner looking to inspire others, an experienced runner aiming to improve your personal best, or a beginner runner setting a new goal for yourself, this challenge is for you. If you have a wheelchair, you can participate in domestic and foreign marathons by joining Achilles training and cycling. If you enjoy running or walking, make your training interesting and join our challenge to run with a purpose.

Here’s how you can participate in the challenge:

  1. Go to the Achilles Four Season’s Challenge page on our website and click on (Register_Mon) (Register_Eng) to enter your information and confirm your registration.
  2. Pay the running fee. You can sign up for one season at a time or pay for all the challenges at once. The running fee for one season is 30,000 MNT. The total running fee for all four seasons is 120,000 MNT. If you confirm your registration by transferring the lump sum, you’ll get a 10% discount.
  3. You can run, walk, use a wheelchair or hand cycle your season’s challenge at your location. Your best run during the season can be confirmed.
  4. After each season’s challenge, send a screenshot of your running data from the Strava app on your mobile phone or watch to Include proof of payment. Once your run is confirmed, the organizers will send you the season’s medal. Completing all four seasonal challenges and medals completes the challenge.

Presentation of the medal
The 2024 Year of the Dragon medal has a beautiful design decorated with various symbols and images. It has an eight-sided base, symbolizing the sport of running spreading in four directions and eight eyelids. The shiny brown color represents stability and responsibility, symbolizing the earth and the five bodies. The center of the medal depicts a runner crossing the finish line, showing that every runner who completes the course is a winner, regardless of speed, strength, or physical ability. A dragon wrapped around the base of the medal symbolizes strength. It also has the organizer’s logo and the year 2024 in Cyrillic and rhombus numbers. The medal strap is knotted as a symbol of strength.

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