Providing Hope and Courage

Empowering individuals with special needs to achieve success through athletic programs and compassionate support

Challenges Faced

Recognizing the difficulties faced by individuals with special needs

Limited Opportunities

Many individuals with special needs have limited opportunities and are often unable to fully participate in athletic activities.

Social Isolation

Individuals with special needs often face social isolation due to their unique challenges, making it difficult to form connections and build relationships.

Lack of Awareness

There is still a lack of awareness and understanding in society about the abilities and capabilities of individuals with special needs.

Limited Role Models

Individuals with special needs often lack role models who can inspire and motivate them to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Our Programs

Solutions to the challenges faced by individuals with special needs

Achilles Kids

Promoting running sports among special school students

Hope and Possibility Marathon

Nationwide event for all skill levels

Achilles Mongolia Club

Raising awareness of disability through hiking and running

Our Journey

Since 2014, Achilles International Mongolia has been committed to providing hope and courage to individuals with special needs, assisting them in achieving success.

Through our athletic programs and compassionate staff, we have empowered and supported those who face unique challenges. We have served numerous clients and raised awareness about disability.

Be a Part of

Making a Positive Impact

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Benefits of Joining

Discover the benefits you will receive by joining Achilles International Mongolia

Increased Opportunities

By joining Achilles International Mongolia, individuals with special needs will have increased opportunities to participate in athletic activities and achieve their goals.

Inclusiveness and Community

Achilles International Mongolia provides an inclusive and supportive community where individuals with special needs can form connections and build relationships.

Inspiration and Role Models

Through our programs and events, individuals with special needs will have access to inspiring role models who will motivate and guide them towards success.

Join Us and Make a Difference

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