Achilles Kids

A Rehabilitation Program

that supports school kids with special needs through running 

Our Goal

The program promotes running sports among the kids who study in the special schools. Its goal is to boost the kids’ self-confidence, improve mental and physical capabilities, and contribute significantly to self-development.


Support disabled children and boost their self-confidence
Promote sports and encourage them to take part in events
Promote healthy life styles

Target Group

1st to 5th graders in the 6 special schools in the capital city of Mongolia

Participants of the “Achilles Kids” program and the program implementation

Program implementation team
Special schools
PE trainers
Kids with special needs
Kids’ families
The public

Kids’ Fun Run

The event is to honor the International Children’s Day and the annual event is held on Sundays of the third week of May. It has been organized 7 times between 2015 to 2020 and 2022.

Positive Outcomes

To change the negative attitudes about disability

To encourage disabled kids

To praise the hard work and dedication of the teachers at the special schools

Join Us and Make a Difference

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